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  • The Agamer
    The Agamer

    In keyboards amd mice cheap mean 5 bucks

  • Ryan Hansen
    Ryan Hansen

    that thumbnail...

  • ChaosMinecraft

    Ngl, I really enjoyed the video. 😂👌

  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa

    This sums up to me what will become future humans : disabled assisted lying bodies linked to a computer

  • medwardl

    There is no method, only madness.

  • richard galle
    richard galle

    The penitent acrylic inherently punish because fertilizer characteristically bury till a wide-eyed octopus. rampant, efficient jumbo

  • Ulz

    Not only this, but even if you get the card it's not like you will 100% be able to use it, because their drivers are broken all the way back to the RX 470, causing driver timeouts and system crashes. They're not doing too good on the GPU front.


    The correct Title is "AMD, you confuse everyone"

  • Wayne.R.J Art
    Wayne.R.J Art

    Or just using Asus Rog Phone

  • tavi plays
    tavi plays

    Okay now we can insult them and it probably won't be in a video

  • Necrohellion

    :26 seconds in and I had to pause to come say; Holy shit lmfao. Even in the video I can notice the crazy response time of that mouse wow I need that

  • pulipaka srikiran
    pulipaka srikiran

    GAATE huh linus mispronounces gate as gaate linus should stick to tunnel bear or something

  • Minecrafthack Gamer
    Minecrafthack Gamer

    my friend has one of these in his LAPTOP

  • Vexzes

    8:57 you b&%#[email protected]!

  • axo1

    hear me out: gamers aren't their core audience and they just want to sell the most product possible

  • LinuxDragon57

    No matter how many times you get sponsored by honey, I am not going to download it because it is untrustworthy. Get a different Sponsor LTT

  • Robert Elmes
    Robert Elmes

    I would love to see an update on this with the new rtx 3070 AND 3090

  • Dee Snuts
    Dee Snuts

    8:20 What could possibly go wrong right?

  • Putney gaming
    Putney gaming

    Never met this man and I love his content would be dope to meet him frfr

  • Thiscatlooksangry Noreally
    Thiscatlooksangry Noreally

    Silly not more to say

  • Filippo Martorana
    Filippo Martorana

    16:22 Lmao

  • King George III
    King George III

    He has the Huh duh six hungos be old mate senny

  • Sam Markus Rus
    Sam Markus Rus

    Something completely off topic: Id like to see you try to upgrade an Intel MacBook's CPU, and maybe GPU. Ive seen people do it with 2012 MBP's but I wonder if its still possible. :D

  • Stephen Jordan
    Stephen Jordan

    Inspite of the smell, I love the washed out look of the first hat. Has that manly rugged feel to it. Just needed better stenciling!

  • pix lax
    pix lax

    how dare you AMD turds are golden!

  • [Anon] the Gamer
    [Anon] the Gamer

    2:22 you can hear him laugh

  • Jonte on game
    Jonte on game

    but if you have a rtx 3070

  • Naturally Yuri
    Naturally Yuri

    1:30:00 My Heart Stopped When He Threw The 2080

  • Kushal Sinha
    Kushal Sinha

    My home internet is a lot faster than my pc! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Firenado

    damn linus that sponsor segway was smooth af


    I had a good custom PC by the time, so Vista wasn't a problem to me at all.

  • Faken

    LMAO anthony has the power of drip

  • LoVo_C

    Linus can you show me that RX590 works better with Ryzen 5 2600x or intel i3 10100 Dot see any banchmark for these...

  • Olwin1

    3:10 dude that's my old desk

  • Fatih Demirci
    Fatih Demirci

    Is it really that hard to just add a Google Captcha? 😂 I don't get it, wouldn't that kill 95% of the Bots. Guess they just don't care.

  • nan wang
    nan wang

    As a chinese , it's so sad that most of people outside of China doesn't know this country at all , and full of bias and other fake stuff . That's really sad , really.

  • Joseph Hernandez
    Joseph Hernandez

    The true price of fame, is shame. 😂😂😂

  • waxpants

    if only AMD control panel UI wasn't so awful i would love to go back to them

  • Srujana Deepthi Nellutla
    Srujana Deepthi Nellutla

    I love linus

  • OprahsKankles

    The exciting exclusive hacksaw neatly man because drill possibly hover off a thoughtless carol. sordid, worthless unshielded

  • TomatoNinja


  • Patrick76496

    I'm quite saddened that such dickhead dictators can be still a head of a country in 2021.. And I thought living in Hungary was bad.

  • Qaesar Flavius
    Qaesar Flavius

    WE NEED MORE COOL COW FACTS vote here!!!

  • Adam Naja
    Adam Naja

    Watching Linus videos for his segways

  • Fatih Demirci
    Fatih Demirci

    "Team Rocket stole the third fan" Genius 😂

  • Roy Flores
    Roy Flores

    How can I age as well as you?

  • Reiniel Rayo
    Reiniel Rayo

    This is my 9th time here


    Easy AF


    📄🚀 - 😂

  • curtflirt2

    If it can consistently drop the Celsius then it could be worth something.

  • Nikhil Paleti
    Nikhil Paleti

    3:43. End of debate. Every other argument is invalid. That's what I hate about normies with zero tech knowledge. They think somehow we nerds "don't see it from the perspective" because I tell them that something better can be had for cheaper. Somehow they prefer blowing big bucks on something worse....... For god knows what reason

  • hasbulnullah DOIVIO
    hasbulnullah DOIVIO



    Wonder what happened to that rig.

  • periurban

    Have they fixed their dreadful drivers yet?

  • izaan khan
    izaan khan

    linus: What does a 200 dollar keyboard do that a 20 dollar on doesn't me: empty my wallet

  • Mrs Ahmad
    Mrs Ahmad

    whats with you and your honey adds

  • Incurafy

    2:35 -- Maybe Trump should have bought an LTT water bottle.

  • Elia Pavoni
    Elia Pavoni

    haha do you remember when link was better than virtual desktop?

  • Steven Strong
    Steven Strong

    it's garbage, i only used it when i go camping with a 128gb SD card for movies as it's trash you don't have to worry if it breaks :) but trust me this tablet is the worst you can buy

  • Thud's Garage
    Thud's Garage

    2:50 I am concerned how you are elbowing that motherboard

  • OprahsKankles

    The clumsy border eventually meddle because swing feraly camp next a bright intestine. optimal, spotty quill

  • Hitchclif Wilhmark
    Hitchclif Wilhmark

    Hold your horses, wasn't your sponsor Honey?

  • Ciaran McKenzie
    Ciaran McKenzie

    intel: watches this video intel: OH... NO... LINUS GOT HIS HANDS ON OUR TOP SECRET GPU... lol XD nice man, good vid

  • The Left-Handed Artist
    The Left-Handed Artist

    That mouse looks like one of those frogs that has its tadpoles in its back.