Sorry. Your gaming laptop sucks now. - Asus Flow X13 Review
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By harnessing the power of AMD Asus has created a new class of laptop with the Flow X13 - the "Ultrabook that is more powerful than laptops much larger than it" (not the official title).
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Nicolas Ruiz
    Nicolas Ruiz

    the version of 4k, it this works to content media in 4k and games? or it ins,t a good a idea buy that version?.

  • AL Hyde
    AL Hyde

    Good tech tip, but I came here for rants about interracial superiority. Can you please go back to your channel's focus?

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • Ladey Gags
    Ladey Gags

    1650 dealkiler, I want this with max q 3060

  • Daffa Azizan
    Daffa Azizan

    Hey how bout calling it a hyperbook

  • Ric

    5:45 what game?

  • BFB Four
    BFB Four

    “Your Gaming Laptop sucks now” Me with a 2 GB ram laptop: Couldn’t tell

  • Ace emulation
    Ace emulation

    Ah jokes on you! My laptop is a BLT super tomato.

  • A_Bug

    This video in a Nutshell: Laptop. Small. Fast. Better than yours. Can run 4k 60fps. Get screwed.

    • Laura Brown
      Laura Brown

      In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • Gabriel Fair
    Gabriel Fair

    Can the Asus Flow charge off the USB3 port?

  • Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
    Soumya Ranjan Patnaik

    You got 2weeks to get me one of those shiny laptops(talking about flow X13 of course) or else I'm gonna turn off notifications for your videos 🙄

  • Prntm

    "personally i choose flow x13 (over g14)" of course, you're linus 💲💲💲

  • B K
    B K

    i spent $4600 on a Sager 9877 with a 1080m / 8086k. i don't feel so good bros...

  • Zeyrox 99
    Zeyrox 99

    😂😂Laughing at my laptop which is even worster then my school pc.

  • DeadManTM

    linus: your gaming laptop sucks now me looking at my redmi 9 android that i use: guess your a laptop now

  • Kai Slate
    Kai Slate

    I just need a 1660 with turing... So close... Yet so far...

  • Julien Prégent
    Julien Prégent

    My M1 Macbook is superior

  • Jonnyinter1

    Looking forward to the updated G14 review :)

  • Rannon

    Thunderbolt, eh? I'm guessing that's still a wee bit above what I usually need/pay. I'd like it if you made a vid about how viable Thunderbolt is today because last time I looked it wasn't very viable (in the sense that you had a very small amount of options, to the extent that you had to chose between thunderbolt or some other functions) as well as how far gaming mouse industry is from changing to USB-C (or at least include an adapter), considering how the laptop industry seems to exclude the A more and more.

  • A.

    Where do i buy this

  • Daniel Karlsson
    Daniel Karlsson

    Who tf playes games on laptops?

  • Aerofly Aviation
    Aerofly Aviation

    2:56 my heart nearly dropped

  • Terence

    Me laughing with my three generation old laptop

  • Gdjay Bee
    Gdjay Bee

    "The Thin Bible"?

  • Trust And Obey
    Trust And Obey

    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) ::*:: When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) ::*:: For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV])

  • Ravi P
    Ravi P

    While I love the fact Ryzen is killing Intel right now, without thunderbolt I'm at a loss to be honest. Because thunderbolt hubs and eGPU...

  • Kenny Valoyes
    Kenny Valoyes

    "sorry your going laptop sucks now" Me, with my school laptop I hacked to play emulators and low end games on: fair enough 😔👎

  • Jonathan Shivel
    Jonathan Shivel

    Well it only cost 2500

  • Asylum Plays
    Asylum Plays

    if you were ok with 1080p 60 fps, elgato hd 60 or hdpvr 2 would work

  • Dan Weeks
    Dan Weeks

    watching on my asus rog zephyrus g14. love this laptop. the ryzen 9 and 2060 is more than enough

  • liolrs

    An email i just sent to dell Case number 101******** It has been a couple of months working on this case. First it was a simple gpu issue, then in spite of knowing that I had to go through all of the company processes that took days of calling back for that to be verified. Fair enough you want to ensure its a hardware problem before sending out replacements that makes sense. A few weeks pass while dell is finding a replacement part to send to a technician. Eventually the technician actually contacts me after quite some time of customer service telling me that the technician tried to call and left a message. Non of which there is evidence for on my end. We set a time and date for the repair to take place. The technician comes and asks me what the issue is. I think "he should know, I guess he's just double checking". So I explain there's an issue with the gpu. He tells me that that's odd because he's been sent a motherboard. I think "oh God. This man has never worked on a laptop in the past 10 years... maybe its just a small blind spot" eventually the repairs begin. He tugs on half of the battery not knowing that its separated into two parts both of which have screws. I think "wow he didn't even look at a video tear down of this laptop...I've done more research than a dell sanctioned technician" he has me hold what I believe to be some kind of audio daughter board rather than unplugging it. Loses some screws doesn't order the screws meaning the safety screws could end up anywhere...ect. At the end the base plate won't go on and the back lighting doesn't work. They say that they'll order replacements. Later I discover that it won't charge. I ask for a refund or replacement. Days later I'm told replacements are impossible so refund will be done. I send my laptop off I ask a few questions as to time span... no response. A touch of background on me: one of my jobs at a company I formally held work at was fixing servers both software and hardware. Dell servers in fact. I didn't quite understand why when the warning read "please contact customer care" we would try to fix it or just throw it away if we were unable. I now understand. Another part of my job was software and graphic development... that I needed that laptop for... I no longer work for that company. So can you A. Answer my questions in a timely manner and or B. give me job as your technicians are less knowledgeable and more destructive to devices than I have ever been. So I might be an improvement.

  • JBishop29

    Just because there might be faster laptops in 2021 doesn't mean our current one sucks. Your video's are just making others spend more money.

  • evilemperordude

    It has a 960m. It already sucked. Haven't actually gamed on it in a few years though.

  • Virgo Bro
    Virgo Bro

    Thank you for HDR videos

  • Darknight

    then i guess my Acer nitro 5 with gtx 1050 4gb sucks now :)

  • Marcus Cotto
    Marcus Cotto

    confused is the flow 13 a asus g14 just different name?

  • Denzbrujah

    Imagine comparing a tiny chromebook -esque laptop w a GPU three generations removed to a top of the line gaming laptop ...

  • GreenStorm01

    Is Thunderbolt 4 backwards compatible?

  • Leo Casi
    Leo Casi

    Still rocking my 7yo laptop lol, 860GTX 😂😂.

  • SHA AK47
    SHA AK47

    I know... :(

  • Khatry

    mann whyd you even say that when i dont even have a gaming laptop :(

  • Daniel Dominiak
    Daniel Dominiak

    The webcam is not covered. the disk is very small only 1 terabyte. I need a laptop that is 2 to 4 TB and this touchpad is really ugly and small I still have to wait for the perfect laptop

  • ReaprG

    2:56 Lol i thought he snapped the laptops neck for a second 😭😂

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    ultrainstinct book

  • Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen
    Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen

    Soldered RAM. Move along.

  • jenna lee
    jenna lee

    i just bought the msi raider ge66 a month ago... :,)

  • Sakumi

    My Gaming laptop has gotten soooo slow over 2 years, and I can't reset it because of some corrupt Windows files that cannot be recovered because I tried every single method I could. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Dan Luckins
    Dan Luckins

    laptop users "I just bought this laptop a little while ago, why is everything betterr than it now?" Descktop users "I just bought this desktop a little while ago, time to upgrade it"

  • Gianluca Bing
    Gianluca Bing

    I would buy a desktop 3080 tower, but often I move away from house for work, and Im disappointed from 3080 Mobile performance. Can you suggest flow xg13?

  • S G
    S G

    Havent used thunderbolt yet.

  • Domba

    I mean its 8 years old

  • Yosry 1
    Yosry 1

    i cant find it on amazon and asus website store is down

  • Di Sc
    Di Sc

    Still want the XPS 17, dont care it's intel, tiger lake H will be fine, waiting for hardware updates from Dell :3


    Ofc it does.

  • aditya gawhale
    aditya gawhale

    Just wait for the Lenovo legion slim 7 2021 with AMD to compete with this at half the price .....

  • Isaac Young
    Isaac Young

    I love watching these laptop reviews. Yet i haven't owned a laptop since 2006... Shrug

  • Just Might
    Just Might

    Guys what laptop should I buy for playing mmorpg ?

  • Steve Holt
    Steve Holt

    Don't get a laptop for gaming if it has a 1650 gpu


    Who else is excited gf65 thin 10ue 3060 laptop from msi

  • Alex B
    Alex B

    And it’s only 3 grand 😩

  • Sarah Funtanilla
    Sarah Funtanilla

    I know hundreds of companies but only few using thunderbolt, even a top executives in fortune 100 companies only few knows thunderbolt, they still looking for USB port.

  • yshbalaram SM
    yshbalaram SM

    Can you give away a gaming laptop or gaming PC

  • Golb


  • Rusty Braun
    Rusty Braun

    Give me a giant desktop replacement over that frisbee any day.

  • Lex Boogie
    Lex Boogie

    Getting a gaming laptop is even more idiotic than building a high end gaming pc.

  • Jos Timanta Tarigan
    Jos Timanta Tarigan

    so whats holding asus from making the 17 version? wheres my g17?


    Hyper book??

  • Cedric Villani
    Cedric Villani

    Awe so cute! Can I bejewel that 13” for you

  • Tasdiqul Islam
    Tasdiqul Islam

    0:43 Pro Max book

  • Tanish Singh
    Tanish Singh

    Me looking at my pc with i5 3330S and GeForce 610M

  • AngryJoeIsRacist Super Racist
    AngryJoeIsRacist Super Racist

    13” screens are trash. If Linus didn’t have the testosterone level of a 90 year old woman, he would need to worry about a laptop being a pound lighter

    • Lords of Media
      Lords of Media


  • TheBitFox

    Whoa, just found out that thing is limited to 2230 standard M.2's. Like... why?

  • Ethan Productions
    Ethan Productions

    a *_sus_*

  • Wrel Rel
    Wrel Rel

    My evoo i7 299.99 Walmart laptop runs wow😁👍

  • Joseph Teller
    Joseph Teller

    Too expensive for my budget. Should not Cost $500 more than the last gaming laptop I bought unless it has a hell of a lifetime potential.

  • Benjamin Hausmann
    Benjamin Hausmann

    i use the ltt desktop desktop backround ehm i the only one ? =)

  • Jack All
    Jack All

    Amd is paying heavily

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson

    I've got an alienware laptop from like 2008 and its so bad, but I still love it. Whoa, this laptop is pricey

  • Josh Cartu
    Josh Cartu

    What do you reckon is the fastest Laptop / Notebook for gaming that has a 3090 in it right now? Mainly for playing Destiny 2.

  • Tyrion

    0:26 dear manufacturers: please, for the love of God, DON'T! I literally don't care if it's thicker than a magazine if only the battery life would be more than a couple of hours.

  • Vladimir Putin on a stick
    Vladimir Putin on a stick

    My gaming laptop has sucked for a hot minute, I have an acer nitro 5 from 2018 or 2019...

  • Geoffrey Kaijser
    Geoffrey Kaijser

    But what if i don't have an gaming laptop?

  • Pritish Patra
    Pritish Patra

    Who would use the 1650 for gaming?? At least a 1660 ti is required for proper gaming (in laptops)

  • skshandilyamari

    Ryzen 5000 (5[86]00) Desktop CPU's are in stock in my country. Laptops are still scarce

  • Wood Bay
    Wood Bay

    But I need my phat n thicc gaming laptops....

  • The Chair
    The Chair

    Isn't 90°C super bad for any computer, let alone an ultra-book, to reach? lol Playing games on that would only last you like a year.

  • paul paul
    paul paul

    Gtx 1650 is being updated in Q2 2021? So since it’s all sold out, I should wait until then so it comes with the next gen 1650? Is that true?

    • Clueless Shutterbug
      Clueless Shutterbug

      @paul paul have a friend that works there

    • paul paul
      paul paul

      @Clueless Shutterbug how do you know that? I don’t see any other news about this other than the video that says it? Is there an article or announcement that it’s coming out?

    • Clueless Shutterbug
      Clueless Shutterbug


  • Zhicheng Guo
    Zhicheng Guo

    what is with this huge bars on the bottom of gaming laptops?

  • Here We are
    Here We are

    lol...i have a thunderbolt port in my old ass msi from five years ago.

  • JoTokutora

    Lol, no. Misleading title. CPU wise doesn't dictate gaming performance.

  • JPARP Pimenta
    JPARP Pimenta

    it cost a lot money

  • Marshall Sweet
    Marshall Sweet

    My samsung smart fridge has better cooling than any if your WEAK setups

  • Bastian

    Can you already buy it?

  • Crazy_Lew 90
    Crazy_Lew 90

    My laptop has geforce gtx 350 😂 desktop 11gb msi 1080Ti 11g, but play more on ps5 😅

  • Tallial

    Asus has such shitty customer service. Anyone that is seriously recommending that company... I have to question their ethics.

  • Nirmal Justin
    Nirmal Justin

    I built my career on a i5 with 4 gb ram and NO graphics card which I used to run photoshop and after effects.. And now I have i5, 8gb and 1050ti and things are going smooth. This is a slap in the face 😂

  • rip-yo-toodooles Jack
    rip-yo-toodooles Jack

    Can you plug that EGPU into a console that's in developer mode

  • Steven Collier
    Steven Collier

    Thanks Linus. Why am I not surprised they are SOLD OUT already.

  • NIONLion

    i dont even have a laptop

  • Flames Elite
    Flames Elite

    Jokes on you I game on my iphone and macbook using cloud gaming *shadow tech* LOL