We can FINALLY Test This!!
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  • Scotch Barrel
    Scotch Barrel

    You need battlenonsense to explain the bottle neck.

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    Martin Roupé

    Looks like Linus has pink lipstick.. O.o

  • István Nagy
    István Nagy

    > once and for all. You mean, for this specific setup. There's like a million different combinations out there in the wild.

  • ludnorc

    Input layg

  • High Voltage
    High Voltage

    Thank you for this video, this is very useful information!

  • ZagatoZee

    Now test Audio Latency, since for games that matter, on console or PC - that is a far bigger problem than video latency. 40ms of video latency is barely noticeable. 40ms of audio latency is a deal breaker. Try playing Rocksmith on anything with 40ms or more of audio latency for eg.

  • TheCy-FiJuggernaut

    Anyone else have audio distortions when Linus touched his mic or something?

  • Thelan Studio
    Thelan Studio

    5:15 he miss the checkpoints on Forza Horizon 4 Race

  • Tim Soethe
    Tim Soethe


  • Lucas Nicodemus
    Lucas Nicodemus

    You should use the LDAT to measure latency of gaming streaming services in some matrix like this: Shadow, Stadia, GeForce Now on Mac, Linux, and Windows clients. There's a super underreported issue here. A lot of people choose streaming because they want to play on weird hardware (like Mac users). But many of the streaming clients don't play nicely with the underlying systems they're running on (e.g., macOS). It'd be really interesting to see if the typical latency varies depending on the OS + client, because I'd imagine a pretty wide amount of variance between something like macOS Quartz + average Linux compositor + Windows.

  • Kenneth Pippin
    Kenneth Pippin

    So if you’re using stadia through all of those devices, does the positive latency from the devices add with the negative latency to make 0 latency? Or is it multiplicative where you’re multiplying a negative number by a positive one to further increase the negative latency?

  • forestR1


  • nin spearing
    nin spearing

    cant get arc to work so i have to thew av reciver

  • Ron Morris
    Ron Morris

    Sony should Take pride in that Latency(Or Lack thereof) and advertise it as a selling feature. Also they should sponsor you.

  • Ani Shikima
    Ani Shikima

    So many problems getting my Elgoto HD60s just going between the TV and PS4. I gave up on using it. It would work after anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour+ of messing with it.

  • Jon Pileot
    Jon Pileot

    LTT what happened to not having clickbait titles?

  • User Name
    User Name

    Is there a benefit in terms of delay by cloning the game on your graphic card's outputs and feeding one into the monitor, the other one into the elgato?

  • ardschuna88

    Why is Linus wearing a wool hat in latest videos? Because virus restrictions preventing a proper haircut? xD

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    Prezla men

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  • n00bnetrum

    >copy protection ruins performance AGAIN Pirates always win.

  • Martin Lowes
    Martin Lowes

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  • J B
    J B

    I'd say a better approach for recording would be to connect the TV/monitor and the recording device to separate outputs on the video card. Then configure Windows to duplicate the display (instead of Extend), and send audio to the recording device. From there you could extract audio from the recording device's output, so the only latency is on the audio. I'd be surprised if people could identify 20ms of audio lag.

  • Samuel Lund
    Samuel Lund

    Okay but the real question is who is WHO DAT?

  • sascha1096

    What about delay from a HDMIeARC connection ? Nobod talks about that topic. Its just stupid having high quality audio dealy when you can trade it for "non noticeable" 8ms of lag when connecting your consol or whatever directly to a soundbar.

  • Gone1229

    i work in the event industry and hdcp can be a real hastle there too.

  • Kaukus Anotherone
    Kaukus Anotherone

    Wow.. 2:45 THATS a fkn add xD

  • Chris L
    Chris L

    6:35 okay, but what's going on here? I am incredibly confused.

  • Aakash Gautam
    Aakash Gautam

    7:46 "linus_6brain9.exe" Me: "Nice!"

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  • Irrespons

    Omg, I was searching for this information forever, want to purchase a "gaming" tv and they are expensive!

  • Space Force
    Space Force

    Not a bad price for a 4k TV I Think..

  • Alex Harland
    Alex Harland

    Often an AVR manufacturer won't advertise latency figures because that's not the target market.

  • JSRDaan

    Crypto mining update pls

  • Blubus

    I really like that CPU pillow. Didn't know it was a thing.

  • Mad Cv
    Mad Cv

    I have around 60 ms on league of legends, witch is OK for playing, I got used to it 60+40 from this makes 100 ms drastic changes in gameplay with 100 ms, will decrease player's performance

  • Ryan's Random Shop
    Ryan's Random Shop

    Please do a follow-up with more tests with different recievers or sound bars

  • Jp Johnson
    Jp Johnson

    love the beard and the new smile thank you for your content and your team as well

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    undead king

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    This video was a lot of fun to listen to. Thanks Linus.

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    quran reciter aamair

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    why don't you all link the verbally recommended videos in the notes section? I'd be curious to check out the video, but since you have...difficult to search titles, it isn't as easy as it COULD be.

  • Platinum Adventures
    Platinum Adventures

    One should try the HDFury 4K Diva

  • Jerad Berry
    Jerad Berry

    why are TVs, even gaming TVs, typically 10x or greater the latency of gaming monitors?

    • freedustin

      The screens come from a few manufacturers so they are mostly the same. The difference is the controller board. That's where the brand name and model comes in. They decide what features to enable to what extent and implement that on the board that fits their price point for each model they want to sell. Higher quality board + amount of features on board = higher price tv or monitor. All tvs are targeted at the lowest common denominator, so they are cheaper and have lower quality boards.

  • Heath Grogan
    Heath Grogan

    4:40 Linus - "FoUrTyy Milliseconds"

  • Roman Kretzschmar
    Roman Kretzschmar

    Me playing MFS 2020: „Latency...?“ P.S. avg. 13 FPS, Maxed out settings, Dual 1080p monitor, RTX 3070

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    Eric B

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    Anariasis EVE

    I'm still looking for a way to connect my PC to my TV without plugging in a cable at all. I don't want a cable across the room!

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    Vidura Ravindranath

    I also like to play a game. But there is no money to buy a computer with enough specifications to play games. If there is anyone who can help me make my dream come true as much as possible. Email - viduraravindranath123@gmail.com

  • Geyer128

    Maby some delay is artificial for syncing with audio.

  • Amaury Jacquot
    Amaury Jacquot

    the final delay is the sum of all devices delay. hdcp doesn't add significant delay, as the key exchange is done on startup. it is a source of things not working properly though.

  • Rusa

    I'll suck regardless of ms.

  • stefano frattini
    stefano frattini

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    if only the TV had a HDMI out, like eARC for capture after display

  • passerby

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  • nobodynemoq

    AV Receiver most probably just makes a physical connection with use of relays (you always hear a loud "click" when you change the source), hence the unnoticeable delay.

  • RedDragon

    I wondered how he stayed alive so long with all the bots around on CSGO in the background, and also how the video ends with a bang! XD

  • Coury Swan
    Coury Swan

    Down voted cause he doesn't drop anything, except for like 1 or so frames.

  • Rick Tim
    Rick Tim

    You need to do more latency test like this since they're so rare to find

  • CountCreep

    I'm surprised there was no 'HDMI Splitter' option rather than using passthrough although if it was HDCP I guess they'd be in hot water for showing how to strip it.

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

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  • UNOwenWasHolo

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  • Jason Halvorsen
    Jason Halvorsen

    Thank the lord someone did this finally

  • Hotdog Water
    Hotdog Water

    I wish you had added an HDMI balun into the mix. As someone who works with these a ton, ive always wondered how much latency would be added.

  • Wesley Kronmiller
    Wesley Kronmiller

    Moral of the story: an AVR looks really useful for streaming


    Whats with the flying things at 3.36

  • MrRom92DAW

    It would’ve been interesting to test out simple HDMI switches and splitters. Maybe if there’s a low (no?) latency splitter, the second output can go to any other necessary equipment, like a capture card or whatever

  • Mr gamer 123
    Mr gamer 123

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  • SlyNine

    They probably don't add one extra frame, but rather a few milliseconds of latency. That would explain why more devices don't add more frames of delay. The original frame is probably just getting within the last refresh window. Leaving 8-16ms for everything to reach the next refresh cycle.

  • SlyNine

    I actually tested that with a camera that can capture 1/500th of a second..


    I don't see the point of this

  • EvilleMayor

    I missed the reason for the random bees...was watching while working. Anyone help me out with why there were two flying bugs around 6:30?

  • TheSliderW

    Weird that some sound devices introduce that much video delay when they're only tapping into the audio part. Maybe there is indeed something to do with HDMI copy protection where the entire signal has to be validated even if there is no need for it. Also I'm guessing the Sony receiver isn't doing anything peculiar decoding wise but just passing through the entire signal.

  • cho

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  • Sai Namuduri
    Sai Namuduri

    A/V receivers often don't showcase latency numbers because analog components and DSPs don't really have latency lol.

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  • bruh meme
    bruh meme

    6:24 duh that's cause it's sony. feel their controllers and consoles compared to the same generation of microsoft console. the responsiveness difference is incredible. sony might not always be the most polished, or the most secure, but god damn do they know what really makes a game feel good. consistent frame times and as little input lag as possible.

  • TheBsniz

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  • Girizcool

    If it's not zero latency with your gaming rig's setup, in your other video about xbox series x it's direct connection for processing speed... why not just try this similar setup in this video with the xbox series x instead and see if your results will be different? Linus in the other video I watched of yours it did say it had the ability to connect directly in order to process things faster for CPU or GPU part which might be a factor in your experiment for zero latency. Just test it out and see how it goes.

  • Calvin C. Gaming
    Calvin C. Gaming

    Well try that again with a denon avr and you will get 100ms+ ... its horrible.

  • specops

    I bet a ton of people would LOVE to know what kind of delay you would get if you use displayport from graphics card to monitor and CLONED signal using HDMI from graphics card to the capture card. Does windows create any extra delay? is it better or worse than using the HDMI passthrough with the 4K60 PRO? can anybody test that please?

  • dtiydr

    Good sync with the background there at the end.

  • D Grm
    D Grm

    It is widely known that the Radeon 5700 chip has defective HDMI audio when passed through a receiver. The defect is that when passed through a receiver and playing gpu intensive things like games, you will have no issue and audio is fine. But change to a medium that does not tax the gpu like music or video's and you will get audio stutters and drop outs. I returned my MSI 5700 MECH OC back to MSI three times and on the third time I sent a usb stick with with a video of the issue and MSI came back with. Sorry this is a defect with the 5700 chip and there was nothing that they could do about it.