Just How Bad is Mixing Memory?
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See what happens when you mix RAM DIMMS from different manufacturers!
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  • FN jacob
    FN jacob

    i had 8gb 300mz cast 16 from olay bought a corsair one and worked the saxt same worked perfect

  • Katan 13
    Katan 13

    I've just mixed 2 sticks of Corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz and 2 Corsair vengeance 3600mhz and got it to run perfectly at 3200mhz. For anyone it may help, I set the speed to 3200mhz but the timings to the faster sticks of ram. Hey presto, works exactly as I needed. Oh and the 2 3200ghz sticks are hynix chips, the other two are Samsung. The tech god's have smiled upon me this day.

  • Nicolò Bertocco
    Nicolò Bertocco

    I ran for years 2 1600 Mhz DDR3 kits of 4 and 8 GB for a total of 12 GB with no issue whatsoever, even though people always got shocked at me for doing it

  • Ben Filley
    Ben Filley

    I’m running slightly mismatched ram in my rig. 32gb of gskill 3200 4x8gb chips all from the flare x line but 2 different “kits” I can’t run them at the rated 3200mhz but it’s also a ryzen 2700x so I’m not THAT surprised. I just run it at 3000mhz and call it good enough. I have a feeling once I get my hands on a 3000 or 5000 ryzen I’ll be able to run it at the rated speeds or better. Better memory controller and such.

  • JianCheng Lu
    JianCheng Lu

    bought 4000mhz CL19 for 260bucks and they can only go up to around 4100mhz

  • David Sykes
    David Sykes

    Okay so how does Glasswire compare to Wireshark?

  • miss barfin hlj
    miss barfin hlj

    what if rams have about the same spec but just the branding is not same?

  • Melsbacksfriend

    Reminds me of when I had a laptop with 2 SODIMM slots. I mixed RAM in it and that might have been what made RAM failures happen ONLY A YEAR after. Then I decided to use two of the same modules afterward.


    DON'T MIX IT - They Said 🤦 Regards from Europe from my Channel Bro's 😃✔️👍

  • Rainul Gaming
    Rainul Gaming


  • Hydrated Beans
    Hydrated Beans

    My old pc has three different types of ram in it and it works just fine. Granted the only ram intensive thing I ever did was video editing with 720p proxy files.

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris

    It went from that girl wearing gloves to Linus‘a hands putting the ram in. Confusing

  • david clagg
    david clagg

    I downloaded more RAM and it worked fine with my physically installed RAM.

  • A_Bug

    Prople who uses 15gb ram by 8+4+2+1 be like: It's not THAT bad

  • Zirax

    Love how there is a shot in the intro of somebody putting the ram in without gloves...

  • dimentbarg

    I have 4 different rams, all different speed and most different sizes. Still works

  • Jakafile Slider
    Jakafile Slider

    i have 2 4gb and 2 2gb in dual ddr3 and more flexibilitie as my friend who only have 2 4gb...

  • Kevin Guerrette
    Kevin Guerrette

    anyone know what brand/model test bench that is?

  • Eragon Cranel
    Eragon Cranel

    I have 2 RAM Sticks DDR3 (4GB each= 8 GB in Dual Channel) what should I Buy to keep using them in the other 2 slots after replacing them...? I mean 2x8GB=16GB RAM will be in the Dual channel, should I/could I use the old ones to get better performance for other apps running in the background or something like that. Thanks in advance

  • Tusk Force
    Tusk Force

    with the music in the beginning I first thought this was some Coreteks video :'D

  • Kahoh

    When will DDR5 ram come out?

  • Brendan Renaud
    Brendan Renaud

    micro center really got those gpu (everyone else) DEAD

  • zeteclover

    This is super cool. What're the odds we'd ever see a Part 2 video with all this testing done on server-grade hardware instead, since it's so much more particular?

  • Rick Dias
    Rick Dias

    Hi Madison!

  • random doomslayer that dislikes anime
    random doomslayer that dislikes anime

    Only annoyed that double-channel and single-channel aren't compatible in the same machine

  • KuruGDI

    PC doesn't start because of RAM? No problem, just insert an onahole into the case and make your own RGB lit glory hole!

  • Bushls HD
    Bushls HD

    My brother had a 4 gig and a 16 gig module in his laptop and it never caused any problems

  • Edgar Pérez
    Edgar Pérez

    So, How bad could be mix 32GB Dual Channel HyperX(TM) FURY DDR4 XMP at 3400MHz AND Crucial 32GB Ballistix DDR4 3600 MHz UDIMM for a total of 64? :)

  • Leah96xxx

    My home "server" was running 3 different 4GB sticks of DDR3 RAM plucked from different old PCs me and my friends had lying around. 2 of them were 1333MHz (the CPU's maximum) and the other was 1600MHz. Didn't notice any issues with them. I'm guessing the system automatically underclocked the faster stick since the CPU couldn't handle it anyway.

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    on my ancient computer did i have some problems with 4 sticks, 2 different models but same manufacturer and speed if i had the miss match in 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. but if i had the same on 1 and 3 and had the other pair on 2 and 4 did it work flawlessly and that is what i'm running to this day. the reason is what you described in the beginning, i had 16gb ram in 4 modules (don't at me, I built the system with 2x4gb cause of budget and later down the line did I want 16gb and because i found a great deal on the right make and model ram which made the leap from 8 to 16gb about 25% of the price to buy 2x8gb and replacing my 4gb sticks was it a no brainer to run 4x4gb) but one of the original ram sticks died 6 years after i built that computer and by that time wasn't it possible to get the same make and model again. I did some research and found the same make, speed and timing and the name was almost the same, only difference was that the text on the ram was blue instead of yellow, other than that did it look exactly the same as the kit that was already in my system. so i pulled the trigger and i encountered the problem stated earlier. one more of the yellow sticks have since died but I could just replace it with the other working yellow stick and things still work fine almost 10 years after i built that computer. i5 2500k @ 4.8ghz, 16gb ram, gtx1060 @2ghz.

  • PST Tech
    PST Tech

    now try on an intel bench, bet you dont have half the issues

  • White Noise
    White Noise

    I have 2 separate types of RAM for a total of 20gigs and I haven't had any problems.

  • R3DR3KT

    Download more Ram is the Solution

  • emil med
    emil med

    Can we have a video with Madison and Anthony?

  • Vernon Trinh
    Vernon Trinh

    I use my USB for extra ram.

  • 二千十五Sephirotic

    I'v been running 2x4gb Corsair 3000 15 17 17 35 53 (micron A) with 2x8 Crucial 3000 15 16 16 35 69 (MIcron E) both overclocked at 3200 14 18 18 32 42 smoothly. on a x370 + 3800x. Probably could over even further If I had a x570

  • gewinnste

    Now make a video on how bad it is to put 4 DIMMs on a dual channel board.

  • Ebenezer Scrooge
    Ebenezer Scrooge

    i didn't think it could be done anymore. we used to do it a lot back in the day and i had no issue. today, trying to put a samsung ram in a laptop that has a-tech stock ram will simply not work.

  • LEnoxye

    My Corsair dominator platinum rgb 2x 8Gb 3200 dont want oc, no single MHz and no CL down


    It's as deadly as Madison assembling a PC!

  • Andu Dijmarescu
    Andu Dijmarescu

    i mix my ram:)) i have one plate from patriot and 1 from hyper x

  • Khaled Sazzad
    Khaled Sazzad

    Why techlinked & ltt videos are on the short circuit table???

  • arnek 8
    arnek 8

    What about laptops? Is it the same as desktops?

  • Balázs Nagy
    Balázs Nagy

    Rocking with the same 8+2gb ddr3 since 2014

  • Zeno De Bruyn
    Zeno De Bruyn

    As the pc building noob I was: Mixed Crucial Ballistix Sport 2x8gigs with Corsair Vengeance 2x4gigs because I thought I would have MORE RAM. Turns out they ran fine for about 5 years (if not longer). I got lucky I guess. But I don't know if it would be better to just use the 2x8Gigs...

  • Nile9063

    I have installed two different cheap RAM kits (4x 4GB) in a pals computer and clocked them at 2666 that was the maximum possible... he had 2x 4GB at 2133 before... So I think it's an upgrade... I have also run mixed DDR3 configurations on project PCs before... Muhahaha

  • asdfghjkl lkjhgfdsa
    asdfghjkl lkjhgfdsa

    *laughs in using 2 different brands of 4 gig ram for the past year*

  • Moto Mortus
    Moto Mortus

    Ya last time I wasn't careful about populating a slot, I got an 18 year unpredictable performance impact.

  • VengefulKunt

    Race mixing is a very bad thing.

    • Joeef


  • Mboy556

    build a pc for my father... i had to swap ram place with eachother and it worked normaly


    Him: mismatch isn't exactly a problem Me: uses same RAM modules from the same kit just in 1 config... (cuz they dislike each other...)

  • jere lievone n
    jere lievone n

    As long as your new kits are at least as fast as the old ones you just need to put them in the correct slots so xmp profile is read from the old sticks. At least my x570 takes the xmp from the outer channel (further from cpu, other boards might have it other way around) so even if i had 5GHz kit on the other slots, XMP is for the old kit's 3200Mhz profile.

  • Kodiak Gaming
    Kodiak Gaming

    I'm running 3 different kinds of memory with no issues lol.

  • Zachery Santa
    Zachery Santa

    I mixed my memory, rocking 24GB it's only at 2400mhz though.

  • good warter
    good warter

    How about mixing ram with same speed?

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith

    Mixing memory hasn't been an issue pretty much since 2000. Only issue was command rate. (1T vs 2T) and dual vs single rank dimms. All memory can clock down. And faster memory generally is just slow memory with looser timings. Plus... Faster memory is only a thing if your looking for that last 1-3% of performance out of your rig. More memory is always better than faster. Memory manufacturers hire the same PR firms as "Public health care". The difference between the best and the worst is slim. But you will paythrough the nose for the best. I will have people poopoo me, they are either shilling for a company or justifying their own $400 RAM expenditure. Hey its the same with cars people. At 60 MPH max speed. A corvette will only get you to work 3% faster than a 3Cylinder Yugo. The real diff, do you want to be seen driving some HP branded PC4-17000 whatever.? Or the uber sleek PC4- infintiy RGB SX69 memory guaranteed to give you ePeen? Sidenote... Overclocking junkies.. completely disregard everything I said. The same chips could be on the best and worst. Search the IC not the name on the stick.

  • Kain Kage
    Kain Kage

    On one of my old systems, i managed to add 3 RAM sticks, to upgrade from 4gb to 6gb and was working totally fine, i think they were even different brand.

  • Garrett K
    Garrett K

    "we never want to feed you misinformation or myths" Missed a chance to say "Mythinformation"

  • 啊神

    I've been mixing memory since forever because I had 16gbs originally and decided to get another 16. One is Kingston rgb 3200 the other is Trident z. So far so good lol, not much diffference.

  • Andrew Bobby
    Andrew Bobby

    Why did I get this notification 5 days later

  • PsychoPaght

    overclocked my hyperx 2666mhz ram to 3000mhz no problem. Also used them with my 3200mhz Corsair vengeance without issues :)

  • eric moeller
    eric moeller

    I mixed a hynnix card with a kingston card never even noticed a difference

  • KillerXtreme

    Rule of thumb has always been make sure to always match the model number. Yet, if you get Corsair ram you could still be getting completely different ram chips. So if you're planning on getting say 32GB (16x2) and later upgrading to 64GB by adding another what you think is 'matched' because it shares the same exact model number ram from Corsair forget about it. Because they aren't. They use different versions even if it's the same Item Skew. Which could mean they're either using Samsung ram in a dual 8gb per side configuration, or they are using Hynix in a single sided configuration. When I brought this up to corsair all they had to say was "How you upgraded is not how we suggest upgrading ram" with no option to trade in my pair for a matching pair. Even though buying two sets of exactly the same Item Number/Skew was cheaper than buying a 4x set of 64gb ram total. Be warry before you buy corsair ram! Luckily I've been able to run all 4 sticks at XMP without much issue.

  • SteveAkaGoatpile

    Slot 1 and 3: Corsair DDR3 667 Mhz 2 GBytes. (pre-dating xmp) Slot 2 and 4: Crucial DDR3 800 Mhz 4 GBytes outdated. Years old, no overclocking, wildly different timings. Works fine.


    0:10 EVERYBODY KNOWS??? I just simply thought that if you mix and match memory sticks all that will happen is that both will run at the slower speed.... Apparently I was correct and was tought well.

  • Nezara

    I upgraded my old Alienware 18 with whatever ram I could find on Amazon and it worked perfectly with the old modules many years ago

  • blackm4niac

    gonna ask a "stupid" question. I just bought a brand new PC to get my hands on a 3080. Can I take the two 8GB RAM sticks from my old PC and just put them in the new one which also hast two 8GB RAM sticks but from a different manufacturer and thus get 32GB of RAM? (let's leave the question of "do I actually need this much RAM for gaming" aside)

  • RustedYoda

    the gaming test meant nothing.... a 3600 isn't getting 160fps in csgo or 50 fps in SotTR regardless of ram or whatever, clearly a gpu bottleneck, why tf did you test the these games at 4k? then say "yeah there's no difference" could you retest everything so that it's not a gpu bottleneck? you can't have a gpu bottleneck when talking about RAM and CPU scores... come on linus, rookie mistake for real...

  • TechWiki

    We love this, please check our channel for more tech updates!

  • Jaren Ramirez
    Jaren Ramirez

    Writer: "Not James"

  • Matti Kuokkanen
    Matti Kuokkanen

    I used to buy whatever DIMM I saw in the store first and plug it in into motherboard with AMD K6-2 400 MHz processor. Sometimes BIOS registered all the RAM on board, other times only 1 DIMM. Then I decided: "Screw this!" and bought 3*128 MB identical DIMMs, and it was good. As for the graphic adapter, I don't remember the original. But upgrades included ATI RAGE FURY MAXX and later Radeon 7000.

  • Rishi Raj Upadhyay
    Rishi Raj Upadhyay

    Some things shouldn't be mixed like liquor, ram, HDDs

  • Jari

    I had 2x4 and 2x8 with differnt brands and the bigger sticks made years later - speed were 2933 and 3200 -It worked flawlessly on a B350 motherboard .

  • MrGridStrom


  • Firdaus Arshad
    Firdaus Arshad

    Watching this video to find any solution. But at the end of the video, I don't have any clue about the video.

  • Official R3load
    Official R3load

    I have a 16 x 2 32gb Corsair kit, would I be ok to buy another 16 x 2 32gb corsair kit. Same RAM and speeds etc but bought separate?

  • Nemba Bo
    Nemba Bo

    new mic?

  • Močnik Royale
    Močnik Royale

    Why does everyone here hate Madison lol

  • Ryuuhei

    I have a feeling Linus is slowly transforming into Jim Carrey. Well... slowly, but I can see some more and more wacky acting!

  • African Warlord
    African Warlord

    linus sponsor tips

  • Filatuss

    I didnt even know it was bad to mix. I just thought that the same sticks just looks better than have different sticks.

  • SpikeTheBear

    Yea ive tried this and had pretty good luck so far. My server just has a few old ass ram sticks i had laying around and they seem to be doing their job

  • Blade

    me: one stick 2666mhz 15CL next stick 2666mhz 16CL and works fine

  • Nos nfs
    Nos nfs

    2 hyperx 4gbs 1444mhz 1 elite team group 8gb 1600mhz 1 old memory stick from 2005 1gb 1333mhz It was working fine until 1 day it stoped working btw motherboard can have mixed memory running fine or blow up with memory it was my old rig with fx 6300 so i don't care a lot but it was a nice test

  • kered13

    I ran four sticks of two different brands of DDR3 memory for years and never had issues.

  • Jackaboi64

    I think Linus is already ready to let Madison be the next Reily or James

  • ForbiddenFateGaming

    My first PC I built was a salvage/Frankenstein build where pretty much everything except for gpu and power supply was pulled from old PCs. I had an old dell motherboard , 6GB DDR3 Ram (a 4gb stick and a 2gb stick) , 3tb of storage split between 4 hard drives , 2 optical drives , a 500 watt evga PSU , an old intel core i3 processor and a GTX 1050ti. I used it for a few years and it did enough for my use cases. But now I've upgraded to ryzen3 , 8GB RipJaw DDR4 , an MSI motherboard , and a 250gb nvme SSD and I'm saving up for a new GPU.

  • rachit gandhi
    rachit gandhi

    My question is i have an OLD set of (8 GB X 2) HyperX CL14 2133 MHz, so can i use it with ryzen CPU and can overclock this set of ram to something better so that I can ignore getting a new high-speed ram for ryzen platform ?

  • Dd GAMING _016
    Dd GAMING _016

    i mix 4gb and 8 gb..is it bad?

  • jibcano

    I got corsair ram that was doa once

  • Z M
    Z M

    Is this a... Linus Tech Tip?

  • Nick pezzetti
    Nick pezzetti

    My computer has* mixed memory...

  • Voxelize

    Hearing 2666 called out hurt... I've got 128 Gb of it though.

  • camo branch
    camo branch

    day 28 of asking you to make a back yard PC

  • Astro_Alphard

    About to try 8 different memory modules with my Threadripper, wish me luck boys!


    Someone Please Help Me!! 😭😭😭😭 I was playing Valorant on my Asus ROG Zephyrs GA502 , suddenly it started BIOS update , then I left the room(cause the update was taking time) , then I came back after 15 minutes , but the screen was black (the screen was not black while the update) , then I left my laptop as it is for another 15-20 minutes , but still the screen was black , then I 'Force Power Off' the laptop (by holding Power Button) and then tried to turn it on again , I pressed the power button , the keyboard backlight turned on , fans turned on , but nothing on screen , not even the Asus logo that appears whenever I start the laptop, the screen was totally black , I waited for another 10min. , Still black screen , from then , whenever I start the laptop, the screen is still black. (I forgot to mention that Charging Cable was connected while the BIOS update) (Means laptop was charging while this whole thing happened) So someone please help me with this issue. I AM having a heart attack since the day it happened ( its been over a week now 😭)

  • LilSaint001100

    I mixed 2 sets of corsair 16 (2x8) it was 1 letter off on the part number. Pretty much added another 16 due to the need. It worked just never tested how bad it was

  • boeboe5115

    put together a rig with 4 sticks (2x4gb, 2x2gb) of ddr3 ram for a mineral oil build (long story), and it ran well.

  • Fonsie85

    Oh look, a maddie scientist! HAHA look what i did!

  • Murray Sheckleberg
    Murray Sheckleberg

    Lots of b.s. info here. Mix away but don't expect the slower one to run at the speed of the faster one. 'Matching' isn't as matching as people claim.