Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea
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PC Secret Shopper returns - with a twist. In this episode, Agent Sarah investigates the experience of building a computer herself with the help of PCPartPicker to determine whether it's better to buy a pre-built PC, or DIY.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

  • Chris James
    Chris James

    I could watch an entire series of cute girls building PCs for the first time. Very funny and entertaining. I really don't wish stress upon anyone, but Linus' reactions were priceless.

  • MechaniC Zer0
    MechaniC Zer0

    Linus Interrogation at CIA headquaters.. Agent: Tell us what you know or we will shake this motherboard so hard the ram will rip itself from the slots Linus: aaaaaaaaah nooooo ......wakes up from Nightmare😅

  • VigilantX9

    24:50 should have said 97%

  • James G
    James G

    I disagree 100%. Building a PC is good if you know what your doing, bad if you don't.

  • David James
    David James

    I think Sarah did any awesome job! 👍👍

  • cody palm
    cody palm

    15:10 linus: "what you need is a lifeline" linus being a lifeline: "you know this isn't the hardest part right?". epic help bro 💯

  • AdmoOfficial

    i haven't ever built a pc cuz im broke but after watching so much linus tech tips it hurts watching this

  • Xander Kleiber
    Xander Kleiber

    She says my case is ugly _sad_ "Actually, that's not that bad" _happy_

  • Jahn Stefan Madsen Orø
    Jahn Stefan Madsen Orø

    Get your wife and make her slam Sarah with a slipper.

  • MundoDragon

    You could have heard a pin drop as Agent Sarah walked into the room. The PC components all pretended to be interested in something else as to not draw her attention, while candidly hoping they wouldn't be the target of her 'affection.' The GPU sighed secretly in relief as he noticed her raptor-like eyes scan the room and come to rest assuredly on the Pro-cessing Unit. A small wimper was heard coming from Ryzen, as Sarah's hand slowly reached out to him with pin-point (get it?) precision. But everyone knows that Agent Sarah is an inexhaustible mistress to have when so many offerings are on the block. Some claim that they can still hear Strix's last death knell to this day.

  • Nox1212

    Linus Magic Tips

  • Salty Devil Dawg
    Salty Devil Dawg

    OMG her building this was so cringe LMAO

  • irwin leonardo
    irwin leonardo

    I didn't have linus techtips in my time.. maybe this is a reflection that people just got dumber.. lol

  • shivyyz

    focus should be CPU MOBO RAM cause you can upgrade the other stuff later.

  • L0b0

    Great Job! Best outcome :D

  • Nightmare

    I Love you GPU :(

  • Nightmare

    I hate her because she is just so ...aahhh ..i mean careless to precious computer components.

  • xw33b

    LMAO linus you have definitely yolo'd before. she was right.

  • samuel heng
    samuel heng

    linus trying to do an episode like the verge with his employee? haha


    She melted my eyes with her whiteness

  • Daddelgame

    What the hell. It hurts my soul to watch this

  • Numberless Oats
    Numberless Oats

    Am I the only one that would rather leave RGB lights unconnected? I just don't like them.

  • Kari Abraham
    Kari Abraham

    you know I'm getting old when I'm watching a video where you have a full grown beard

  • Cornelious Stradivarius
    Cornelious Stradivarius

    She is ADORABLE! hehe!. I have almost zero clue how to put my own comp together (im still researching b4 I commit) but seeing her JAM stuff IN & OUT was EEEEK!!!! I felt your pain Linus lol

  • Karimman


  • Powerwolf

    Maybe next time she should buy a higher IQ

  • Geronimo553

    the pain train awaits

  • Sultan Shaik
    Sultan Shaik

    Linus in this video: So, that's what it feels like.

  • Hoystein

    Most people are not willing to spend the time researching parts, researching what makes them good, and researching how to put them together carefully.

  • Rokiyo

    Did you guys, uh, did you guys intentionally hide all the manuals from her? The motherboard in particular would have come with all the instructions she was seeking...

  • derffyisme1

    the motherboard manual is your best resource if you dont know what you are doing

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Do you wanna give me anxiety? Because this is how you give me anxiety! Seriously though. She's actually doing a pretty good job for a first time build tbh. Good job Sarah!

  • Basic

    So just a million or so nerds now lining up to offer?

  • The Bobz
    The Bobz

    This video was the most fun in ages!

  • bernie huso
    bernie huso

    your mother

  • Colin Reid
    Colin Reid

    Women am I right

  • KA K
    KA K

    Linus does not understand you need to flip the motherboard to check if peace's stick to board xD haha.

  • Sylpi & Sophia
    Sylpi & Sophia


  • peacekkqmark

    Attempting to make a bunch of nerds on a forum do research and work for you for free seems like a great move if you're trying to keep costs and complications to a minimum?

  • cskiller86

    "Next time I'll build a computer, I'll know what I'm doing" [X] Doubt

  • Gameration

    19:08 "the fact that it was that easy to pull out maybe it does mean it wasn't in properly" hahahahah

  • Garry Flanagan
    Garry Flanagan

    She's building a computer for the first time in the best time... god I don't miss the metal cuts you could get from the old steel cases.

  • MrStubbs1981

    It is always funny to see Wohnung men, that are quite gentle with mamy things RIPPING on such stuff like a stoneage roughguy. 😂

  • Crazy Optimists
    Crazy Optimists

    Takes a lot for a video like this one to make me mad. Holy moly was I fuming 10 minutes in. The arrogant nerd comments were so destructive. I'm just glad these wern't made in the same room as her. This is exactly why people don't have time for know-it-all-nerds. They talk down to people.

  • Andrea Araiza
    Andrea Araiza

    While looking to upgrade my RAM, I had the idea to search up some of my other components to see what else I could improve and how much it would cost My GeForce RTX 2060 was $183 when I bought it in 2019 and now it's over $1000...WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?????

  • Tarik Hacialiogullari
    Tarik Hacialiogullari

    Stop saying lucky charm things, besides that very good video, also happy that the girl is dressed appropiate compared to majority.

  • ho lam Wu
    ho lam Wu

    It is so much fun 😂

  • Forrestero

    Linus needs anxiety meds over this lol.

  • Bong Orosa IV
    Bong Orosa IV

    cringey! But hey! we were all noobs at one point

  • BioMech Studios
    BioMech Studios

    well if ur very tech savey already u CAN make ur own but ur first few rigs will be... "OK" hopefully

  • Martin S
    Martin S

    Lol. Just Pick an b450 Board, why why why a520, b550, waste of money.

  • Wood Ant
    Wood Ant

    It's been an 97% for 2 minutes and she gets panicked thinking she did something wrong. Sarah: have you ever used windows off a slow old HDD or waited for it to finish installing as it might be setting up complex critical system components?

  • Gradius2k

    When I saw the title I was thinking now ready made PCs were so super cheap it wouldn't be worth to build one myself... btw, building PCs since 1989.

  • Jerry Flowers
    Jerry Flowers

    F**K crypto

  • korgeth


  • MetaDaniel

    Lol this is funnyasf

  • CJ

    In which world is intel cheaper? Maybe it's because on my side of the world, AMD is cheaper. AND WHO USES WIFI FOR GAMING? USE A LAN CABLE FFS

  • DreadMGA

    This game me goosebumps

  • Michael Berger
    Michael Berger

    Got my 1660 super for $200 about 2 years ago.

    • MetaDaniel


  • anime dumpster fire
    anime dumpster fire


  • Nahte Retnuh
    Nahte Retnuh

    That was fun to watch

  • phyrexkasgaming

    I'm only half way through and i already have nightmares

  • Sharvin

    13:59 Linus acting like the first time he saw pre-applied thermal paste ever he didn't wanna touch it, cmonBruh stop the cap

  • monkeygirl 87
    monkeygirl 87

    I remember when I built my first computer it was a cool calm winter's day. I had gone to buy some apples from Mrs. Twiglet the greengrocer and she was delighted to see me, and wouldn't you know it why the computer store was right next door I was overjoyed and oh so happy to have stumbled upon such a store. I bought a case a power supply a CPU and some other cool stuff to make it work. I can almost remember the joy and enlightenment I felt when at first I switched it on and it lit up. I was oh so happy happy happy happy oh so happy!!!!! you know what I mean?

  • slash is famous
    slash is famous

    Linus I’m 12 and I could build computers. I need a chance I need to get noticed make money and show people my talent.

  • Frosty Coffee
    Frosty Coffee

    I'm laughing so hard right now watching Linus scream Stop and face palming every time that graphics card wobbles or is pulled up and down!!! 🤣

  • not Darren
    not Darren

    linus should i sell my Geforce Gtx 1660 super and how much for

  • Lake Stones
    Lake Stones

    Just buy a laptop lol

  • theonlyone38

    Oof this feels like watching one of those cringe episodes of The Office.

  • trosoft

    Great video; it was somewhat refreshing. But, it makes me think back to why the framers of the U.S. Constitution opted NOT to have a direct vote for the presidency. HINT: They were afraid of the emotional and whimsical rabble. (That said, I'm sure glad that Linus was in the peanut gallery, i.e., à la Monday morning sports commentator.)

  • Gewglesux

    I've had plenty of bad ideas in my life..

  • Situation Normal
    Situation Normal

    "This video is proof that manufacturers could do a way better job of simping for users." Says the former computer repair guy & now a hotshot youtuber... Just watch, soon he'll be trying to burn down the hood he grew up in too - no that he doesn't live there anymore. Bet

  • Seems Legit
    Seems Legit

    Do i need a 570? Probably not. Will i get one? YES.

  • Taishi Tanemura
    Taishi Tanemura

    I think in special guess appearances they should be allowed to see the value($) of what they are working with.

  • Jerry Pinewood
    Jerry Pinewood

    Huge props to Sarah for this. Doing something you're not good/experienced at in front of a crowd of people (both in person and virtually) who are either very good or at least better than you takes huge stones. And to have such a fun attitude while doing it is really intoxicating to watch. More of Sarah, she's lovely!

  • JanLovesBmx

    God i love this girl :D

  • Martin Gaunt
    Martin Gaunt

    LMAO as a ProTech.

  • Jerry Pinewood
    Jerry Pinewood

    It's honestly reassuring to see how little love you can give to your hardware and have things work out alright

  • Overt Drugs
    Overt Drugs

    I want to build one. I'm not as knowledgeable. 8/

  • Duh Tech
    Duh Tech

    20:37 Frustration.exe

  • Dark Fenyx
    Dark Fenyx

    Ngl I'm still a PC noob. I just ordered from Cyberpowerpc (though mainly did it due to the GPU shortage). Next time I'll build my own.

  • hube235

    I think the most cringe part was watching her install the GPU while the case is standing up. I would never do that

  • Michael Angelo Russo
    Michael Angelo Russo

    I keep looking for the *sideways shaking hand* icon instead of the thumbs up or thumbs down for this video. The concept however is very solid. Lots of unexpected gender dynamics at play here... Not judging that one way or the other. Just notable.

  • JustCallme Nic
    JustCallme Nic

    Sara- Ok it's in! ... me- oh ...

  • blep blank
    blep blank

    bruh im a damn kid and i know how to build a pc

  • Honeyball Lecter
    Honeyball Lecter

    This makes me feel smarter

  • Squ

    God, how often do you have to touch the damn thermal paste XD

  • Iron Afandi
    Iron Afandi

    yo yo yo from egypt dont shave your beard please u look gr8

  • User 5748
    User 5748

    Linus shows up everything starts working automatically. Linus the tech wizard. 😂

  • Your Senpai
    Your Senpai

    she soo cuute

  • Jonny A
    Jonny A

    Haha, I love how much fun she's having breaki...I mean, learning about computer parts! All the a great smile too, we need more Sarah!

  • James Wolf
    James Wolf

    I also have no Idea what any of it means but it was fun watching Linus lose his mind 😁

  • Gore Obsessed
    Gore Obsessed

    I think everyone should build their own pc make sure the first ones cheap though we learn mostly from mistakes

  • Milovan Stanojevic
    Milovan Stanojevic

    She proofs how easy it is to build ur own PC. Stop act is if u are tech pros, just cause you build one.

  • Jorge Vera
    Jorge Vera

    Agony!!! But like the video! Great job girl! ✌️

  • Thomas Gruebl
    Thomas Gruebl

    Sarah did a great job without using a manual. Best advice for every one new. Read the manual!

  • Matthew Jackson
    Matthew Jackson

    Why wouldn't she watch a tutorial!?

  • Ashterisk

    And this is why I had to go through training at a vocational school just to feel confident enough to build. I was not able to do a test build before doing my massively expensive build, because I needed a build pretty much immediately. I happened to build before the GPU shortage really hit at its worst, and I happened to have my build go pretty much perfectly, and I had someone else also trained in computers to watch me and advise me on any small issues I was unsure about. I had been preparing my parts for a while, and even then I had to stop at least once to order something I needed and wait a day or two. At the end of the day, nothing will be more painful to me than installing the CPU fan. My god.

  • Fnad the gentleman
    Fnad the gentleman

    11:00 I think it's safer to grab it from the bottom... Later, *shakes the motherboard* don't do THAT

  • Lukáš Kaválek
    Lukáš Kaválek

    Can't remember when I last time laughed so hard. Mixing up genuine frustration with pure joy. Thanks for that.