Fixing Apple's GOOD Engineering
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The new M1 Macbook lineup is impressive - but did Apple leave performance on the table in the Macbook Air by going fanless?
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  • SπdR

    My laptop sounding like an F-15 E with full afterburner while staying at 80~89 on turbo mode:

  • Slayer Of Monsters
    Slayer Of Monsters

    Apple could put an end to war and poverty, and align the planets to bring them into universal harmony, allowing meaningful contact with all forms of life, and Linus would find a way to take a dig at them. Cooling via passive, laminar air flow seems, to me, to be aptly named 'Air.' It's not a MacBook Fan.

  • Manny has Apple
    Manny has Apple

    Hey Linus one question would you recommend doing this ?

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs

    Don't worry, I'm okay with sterilizing myself via a Macbook.


    What if you put the mod on Mac book pro

  • Aritra Banerjee
    Aritra Banerjee

    Hay just use a laptop cooler .

  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu

    next episode: we get a metal protective case and sticking a thermal pad there

  • ぶ乙

    What if you put the laptop on a stand and put a cpu cooler under the hot part

  • Jack Goncalves
    Jack Goncalves

    Linus I think you're being pretty silly. If you're adding active cooling and airflow to the MacBook Air, all the air (the main feature of the device, ITS NAMESAKE) is going to escape and you'll have a pile of useless silicone on your hands.

  • Big Russian Man
    Big Russian Man

    In conclusion Apple products are ass


    I hate Mac


    We know apple is not good value. But people will buy it anyway.

  • Wrath Aloss
    Wrath Aloss


  • Frank Silvers
    Frank Silvers

    Just don’t put it on your lap. Using a laptop on your lap is uncomfortable in the first place, never mind the heat. I never use my laptop on my lap.

  • Teo Pit
    Teo Pit

    lol,I thought they would already had implemented this method of dissipating heat... and... if we do this modification I guess we loose warranty right?

  • Smiley45

    Thermal pad 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Shane Sopher
    Shane Sopher

    Can you put thermal pads on the MacBook Pro and do a comparison between both again?

  • Hazeroni

    Put it on a cooling pad

  • Flufflebut

    Part of the reason why I like a metal desk: one gigantic heat sink.

  • Jessie James
    Jessie James

    Can Dennis show us how man scaping works :3 We want to see all the bits :o pornhub is an option~

  • Cardozo

    I feel like this would be a good pair with those laptop cooling pads with fans

  • Diego Raffa
    Diego Raffa

    interesting fix, the fanless technology never made sense to me, i mean how much can a fan be noisy and disturbing? To me it seems just a forced diversification of the market

  • Julien Dal Col
    Julien Dal Col

    @Linus Can you improve the M1 macmini perfs using a similar approach? Who cares if the chassis of the mini heats up... However, I was told it's fan won't turn on most of the time so I wonder how much more juice can be squeezed out of this chip.

  • Vedant Sawale 8B 33
    Vedant Sawale 8B 33

    MacBook Air - Has no fan even with being over 1000 dollars My Lenovo Mid Range laptop - being 500-700 dollars still has a fan lmao

  • Damián Pekař
    Damián Pekař

    Linus: saves people money Apple: come here you little piece of sh!t

    • Joel B
      Joel B

      @Smiley45 wouldn't this heat up other components tho?

    • Smiley45

      @Stroopwafel Falafel you won’t burn it. It should down-clock speed before then, This is so the m1 chip can run faster longer…

    • Stroopwafel Falafel
      Stroopwafel Falafel

      Is your money worth burning your lap?

  • Johnny

    What thickness thermal pads? 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5 mm?

  • Леонид Бабков
    Леонид Бабков

    I am getting only 6300 Cinebench score on stock MacBook Air 16GB RAM! What can be wrong? Is it malfunction?

  • Baba Ayman
    Baba Ayman

    Just a lap fan under the air would probably solve the problem of heat. Also just watch a video of how they keep burning out from design flaws with cooling. So your mod would probably save the air from the shit cooling design that destroys it.

  • Sandhya Singh
    Sandhya Singh

    I don't women would burn their "junk" using this macbook air M1 mod.🤣 Correct me if I'm wrong

  • Mason EAM Inc.
    Mason EAM Inc.

    "Your Balls Will Thank You" - This is already worth it buying.

  • Yonghak Jo
    Yonghak Jo

    And Install a copper pipe on backside of MacBook Air and keep coffee warm.

  • Chetan Patel
    Chetan Patel

    Glad I watched this before I bought a the new pro

  • Nordlys Sørlys
    Nordlys Sørlys

    Laptop dripping down in liquid form as it heats up😂

  • chrisak49

    That performance gap shown in the graph is negligible. But any stupid reason to make a click bait video right?

  • Pavel Baidurov
    Pavel Baidurov

    Linus got hair transplant? :) use flaxseeds in your diet :)

  • Shads _
    Shads _

    I need that hat

  • Will Swift
    Will Swift

    I know how to make a fanless computer with super performance.

  • Roman Kretzschmar
    Roman Kretzschmar

    I give everyone an advice. Take half the money you would spend on an Macbook and buy a laptop that works properly...

    • Baldr Grimnir
      Baldr Grimnir

      Even with the throttling, it seems as if the base macbook air does exceptionally well in production workloads, and is looking to be an overall extremely solid value. If you're looking for a gaming laptop, yeah, go with a Windows based laptop. If you want something for production work, this is honestly a very compelling option. This is coming from someone who has always used windows based machines. The M1 air is gradually becoming quite high on my list of potential options, as I'm looking more into a laptop for photo/ video editing.

  • Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and Rohan
    Eowyn - Lady of Emyn Arnen, Ithilien and Rohan

    Use this mod on your Air + a fan laptop stand thingy and you've got an actively cooled Mac Air with triple or more the thermal mass. Linus should do a video benchmarking that.

  • Mr Whitecoat
    Mr Whitecoat

    Damnit Linus, Its my day off. I dont want to hear about heat chambers and IEC standards (I work for a company that tests electronics, cars, using these standards)

  • Noctilent

    performance always comes before comfort B)

  • Mohamed Mimon Asbai
    Mohamed Mimon Asbai

    Love the intro 😀

  • gamemaster 1233
    gamemaster 1233

    MacBook Air Cools by "Air" thats why it called macbook "air"

  • GerpsyAnimations

    Hot Thighs

  • DBR

    I'll take it!.. I rarely use my laptop on my lap, there's always somewhere I can place it.

  • Der Kommissar
    Der Kommissar

    Definitions of Apple: 1) Exaggeratedly expensive 2) Defective by design

  • Chad Fraser
    Chad Fraser

    This is why I installed Macs Fan control on my M1 Macbook Pro.

  • Skye Dream
    Skye Dream

    can you do the same mod on MacBook pro? since the heat is the worst enemy, will this thermal mod decrease temp even more or keep it under 70 c longer for the fan to turn on? can you do the test?

  • Stephen Rea
    Stephen Rea

    What would putting a laptop cooler do to help this cooler modified Mac do for performance? I mean considering the price it seems a great option for a great set of fans would easily cool tie laptop l..

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake

    Linus going bald?

  • Jair Quezada
    Jair Quezada

    Maybe with a cooling pad it would fix that problem

  • Andrew Fenn
    Andrew Fenn

    Wouldn't this lead to chasis bowing in the future as you keep doing heat cycles on the exterior case.

  • iLEZtube

    Could you passively cool a processor in any effective way by simply attaching it to a ridiculously massive block of metal? Not like a passive heatsink with fans or whatever, but like a 500mm cube of steel? How much better is a fan?

  • Francesco Dondi
    Francesco Dondi

    I think I found the solution: covers! My Lenovo Yoga runs hot occasionally, besides being a bit too spiky to hold (eeh modern design); so I forked out 40 bucks for a fake leather cover, which works beautifully for both problems. Users already go crazy for covers for Apple products, it would be a slam dunk. Then when you need performance, you put it on a $499 iCooler dock. Perfection!

  • Ruman

    Such a great video

  • West West
    West West

    Clickbait as always

  • books quotes
    books quotes

    If u do this apple wont service the laptop in future, apple condutions clearly mentions no physical change to machine

  • Yugenxkamii

    got a MacBook sir m, I use logic heavily everyday with waves, fab filter, Izotoope and more plug ins and it never gets hot🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Captian DUMBYY
    Captian DUMBYY

    Ironic to be called the air when there is no airflow

  • Mark Bath
    Mark Bath

    "Crap, I'm wearing my Old underwear", that sounds horrible. Shouldn't crap in your underwear.

  • Toke Lahti
    Toke Lahti

    Why don’t you test these M1-laptops with EXTERNAL cooling?

  • Franky_5831

    and this video wa brought you by tim cook's basement

  • Gabriel Villoldo
    Gabriel Villoldo

    the battery will (probably) last less because of the heat.

  • Ron RonBatSwansonMan
    Ron RonBatSwansonMan

    $30?... Heck, ill do it with my drill for $5

  • Bennett Hackett
    Bennett Hackett

    Ironic that the Macbook Air is the one without airflow

  • Nicholas Laslett
    Nicholas Laslett

    Sorry but this a bullshit, click bait video. Shame you.

  • James Watt
    James Watt

    “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” Clearly that logic went out the window, haha

  • Paradoxx Gnw
    Paradoxx Gnw

    So how thick are the thermal pads? 3mm?

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White

    Lol that wallpaper

  • Lostpizza

    Meanwhile in Apple HQ - Note that down NOTE THAT DOWN

  • mAGiXO94

    It is called heat capacity not heat mass.

  • Collin Gammon
    Collin Gammon

    Could you do the same to the MacBook pro to increase performance?

  • David Deboy
    David Deboy

    Apple continuiously builds junk after junk after junk. No wonder apple's Icar will be Ijunk IT.

  • bradjpet

    So you could do the mod and only use this on some kind of desk stand with air exposure and enjoy your MBP eh.

  • XTortionist01

    So would one of the laptop cooling pads make this mod actually comfortable enough?

  • PiLambdaOd

    No fans, just passive cooling? Having Apple 3 flashbacks.

  • Stephen Toth
    Stephen Toth

    The MacBooks from early 2006, they ran the fans at base rates of 1000 RPM... The systems would run at about 60 C and would be uncomfortably hot when being used as portable workstations. This is why with MacBooks from late 2006 and later, the fans were spun at a default of 2000 RPM. How does the modded MacBook Air M1 compare to the 2019 MacBook Air in terms of ambient temperature when running CPU-intensive workloads?

  • Sameer Akhtari
    Sameer Akhtari

    don't say you used my idea when I commented on your discussion blog that "use the body as a heatsink for m.2 ssd" in video where you used m.2 ssd with some sort on connector to be used as a USB

  • Orange

    Imagine using that modded macbook while its placed in your lap

  • Shoff 29
    Shoff 29

    what thickness thermal pads were used here?

  • Eric Villarreal
    Eric Villarreal

    Is it me or the video color looks a little on the warm side?

  • Braska Bani
    Braska Bani

    I put my laptop in the freezer when ever it get hot. It cool down asap no issues.

  • itsjustalvi

    Wouldn't this affect the battery in a negative way? Heating the bottom part of the mac would alson cause the battery to run hotter or am I completely wrong in this?

  • Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
    Aorus Mini-ITX RiG

    Add fans somewhere in air...

  • MisterT

    I really love the fact that the Macbook AIR has no fan!

  • Tomislav Valecic
    Tomislav Valecic

    Or simply put laptop base with vent :D

  • dayou LUO
    dayou LUO


  • 巴黎矿长

    Anyone knows the thickness of thermal pad that Linus uses ? 1mm or 1.5mm ?

  • Stefanus Yedidya Kristiagung Wicaksono
    Stefanus Yedidya Kristiagung Wicaksono

    ok now i will buy macbook air cus linus just solved the cooling problem

  • 12-2 Орчлон
    12-2 Орчлон

    two sponsorships in one videoo? GET THAT BAG LINUSSSS.

  • Jacob Curulli
    Jacob Curulli

    Who colour graded this footage? Why is Linus so pink?

  • St8kout

    I just finished running Cinebench after the mod and my 10 minute score went from 7067 to 7687. The bottom panel got a bit toasty but it's hardly a burn hazard. I can understand Apple's reluctance to making them this way from the factory, because they didn't want people complaining that their notebooks run too hot, not realizing that the panel is acting like a heat sink.

  • Trevor Falzarano
    Trevor Falzarano

    What’s the thickness of the thermal pads? Thinking of putting a little in my old 2014 MacBook Air to help it live a bit longer.

  • Zacke Feller
    Zacke Feller

    Now could you perform a similar upgrade to the M1 MacBook Pro? Cause if the Air's performance is boosted to the level of the Pro... then how far could we take the Pro??

  • StopWearingPants

    don't let Nixon cuts get in the way.

  • Alexander Khofmann
    Alexander Khofmann

    after i applied liquid metal to my 2013 macbook pro it became uncomfortably hot while gaming, so i can confirm at least partially

  • Salman Al-Tamimi
    Salman Al-Tamimi

    I appreciate the aesthetic lighting and environment improvements in those new LTT videos.

  • Nuno V. Gagic
    Nuno V. Gagic

    which thermal pads have you used here?

  • leavethe Aaron
    leavethe Aaron

    Get a dbrand skin for the bottom or some material to insulate you from the aluminum. Done.

  • David Pumpkini
    David Pumpkini

    Yes but will Apple OS check if the $30 "heat pads" are part of the device and give an Error Message?